Reusable Solutions to Everyday Products

everydayJun was started by two working moms who began to rethink the way they dealt with waste on a daily basis. When the two began to see how important the concept of “reuse” was in the waste cycle, everydayJun was born.

As mothers of school-aged kids, the likely place for them to start was with lunch. Concerned with the vast amount of trash being produced at lunchtime, the two moms set out to create an easy to use and stylish solution. The result was The Waste Free Lunch Kit, which includes a neoprene messenger-style lunch bag with a removable front panel, an "origami-esque" food container and a coordinating beverage bottle and spork. All parts are machine washable, dishwasher safe, lead and BPA free.

everydayJun’s messenger bags and removable front panels are made in New Jersey by legal workers who are paid fair wages.